Ten things to keep in mind while applying for a job

Imagine that you have just found a job and it seems very suitable. The position is at a company that you like to work for and meets all of the employer’s qualifications. How perfect could this job posting be?

Rather than applying for a job right away, it’s important to stop for a few minutes to read the hiring information carefully and treat you like a potential customer. This process will help you develop a better strategy for your job application and the employer will notice.


1. Go Through Job Description

This is an important step that most of us ignore. We find a job posting with a designation we have are fascinated about and apply right away. This might push you into trouble. You see these hiring managers are also smart and want to get as many applications for the job posting so they use trendy and on-demand job designations for the job posting. Sometimes it might also happen that the employer is looking for a specific set of skills in a candidate. This gives you meaningful insight into the job. So, always “go through job description”


2. Research about the Company/Organization

Once you’ve read the job posting, do some research on the company. Check out employer’s websites and read their careers pages. You should also check out their blog, learn about the people who work there, and read about their company news. This will give you a better idea of ​​what the company does and how you can present yourself to employers.


3. Connect with the current employees of the Organization

If you don’t have any contact with the employer, reach out to employees who work in the department the company is hiring for. It’s a great way to network and sneak into a business through the back door. When you’re ready to contact some employees, add them on LinkedIn or send an email. Introduce yourself and explain that you want to know more about their business. These employees can offer some advice on how to apply for jobs and an overview of what they do for their employers.


4. Ensure your Resume is professional and ATS Compliant

When you continue with the topic of the resume, another factor that will affect your resume’s ability to pass the software is your keyword usage. When advice columns ask you to use keywords or read articles, they are meant to be! If the job description says you need experience with a, b, and c, make sure A, B, and C is on your resume if you have that experience! It might be more work, yes, but submitting a resume to be rejected by a robot isn’t a good use of your time either.


5. Clean Up/Sanitize your Social Media(LinkedIn)

Employers often look through your social media profiles before making a final decision. Before you start looking for a job, make sure your resume is up to date with the latest and relevant information. Set up your LinkedIn profile, and if you haven’t already, I recommend creating one right away. If you already have one, update all relevant information.


6. Keep an open mind throughout the job search process

Finding a job can be a challenge and you tend to think of every opportunity as ‘this is it’. Do not put all your hopes into this one opportunity and always have few options at hand. Your job is the stepping stone to building your career, so don’t make it a do-or-die for yourself. It is okay to get rejected sometimes and removing this pressure will also allow you to prepare for the interview with a calm mind.


7. Be Honest and Confident about YOU

During the interview, respond confidently and never talk nonsense if you don’t know something. Be honest and say I don’t know if you really don’t know the topic. You will certainly be appreciated. Also, give them confidence if you can learn new needs faster and meet your needs. Better to share YOUR OWN real-time experience. Don’t make up stories that make the interviewer doubt your intentions. Simply put “Be honest and be YOU”.


8. Leverage/Build your Networks

Your skills and knowledge are just part of you. Your ability to make connections with other people around you is an important factor, especially when you are searching for jobs. It is a well-known fact that 90% of job offers are backed by referrals. So, take advantage of your network. Reach out to people and ask for recommendations. While building new connections with people you meet.


9. Keep Up-skilling/Learning

World does not stop just because you have a degree or you are good at something. There will always be new skills coming up, there will be a new innovation in every domain out there. In order to keep up with new things, we have to become continuous learners. Always keep up-skilling and learning new skills that are helpful and relevant for you.


10. Follow 3 P’s – Passion, Patience, Persistence

This is the most important aspect of finding a job. You need to be passionate about your domain of choice. The interviewer can figure out in seconds about your passion (I’m telling this from my personal experience of interviewing people). Finding a job is a long walk, keep patience and make peace with it, Try not to get engulfed by desperation at end of the day. Think with a clear mind in your interviews and be honest with yourself and with interviewers. Always be persistent with the search for a great job for you. If you feel something will not work out, move on or look for a better option. At the end of the day, you are working for yourself, so it makes sense to be persistent with what you want and what want to achieve.


Author: Sujaykumar Kulkarni

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